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Buy Dance Classics from my private collection. Over 400 titles in good to mint condition.

Some labels :
Basic Beat
After Hours
Soma - 1
Dark Records
Round and Round
Big Life
Rhythym Factory
Force Inc
Hooj Choons

Artists :
"Hot Weaks"
"TZ 3"
"TZ 4"
"Neuro Politique"
"TC Berry - 1992"
"Transformer 2"
"Riviera Traxx"
"Invasion USA"
"Blue Pearl"
"Joe Sanchez"
"Cookie Crew"
"Ralphi Rosario"
"Stereo MC's"
"World Series of Life"
"Stardate 1973"
"The Orb"
"Chez Damier"
"Restless Rockers"
"Definition of Sound"
"The Bass Foundation"
"Daft Punk"
"The Reese Project"
"Tribal House"
"Gat Decor"
"Floor Control"
"Trip do Brazil"
"Mount Rushmore"
"Run-DMC vs Jason Nevins"
"Carpe Diem ?"
"Solitaire Gee"
"The Age of Love"
"Linus Loves"
"Les Rythmes Digitales"
"Sylk 130 (Josh Wink/King Britt)"
"House Pimps"
"Temperamento Ferrari"
"Rhythm is Rhythm"
"Model 500"
"Moody Boys"
"Spank da Money"
"Bizarre Inc"
"The Martian"
"Lemon Interrupt"
"Jam & Spoon"
"Choice Vibe"
"Skarlet & Black"
"Night Communication"
"Miguel Migs"
"Naked Music"
"King Kooba"
"Cajmere feat. Dajae"
"Hustlers Convention"
"Direct 2 Disc"
"Dark Knights"
"Disco Elements"
"Richie Hawtin"
"Liquid Bass"
"Visions Factory"
"Club 69"
"Lil Louis & the World"
"Georgio Moroder"
"Dance Train Classics"
"The Shamen"
"St Germain"
"De La Soul"
"Sensory Delight"
"MK feat Alana"
"KC Flightt"
"Robin S"
"Tori Amos"
"Groove Armada"
"Tony Carrasco"
"4th Measure Men/MK"
"Tribal Spirit"
"Choc Electrique"
"David Anthony"
"Joey Negro"
"Funky Tribalists"
"Area 10 feat. MK"
"Altern 8"
"Robert Owens"
"Space Cube E.P."
"DJ's Rule"
"D.J.H. feat. Stefy"
"K Alexi Shelbi/K A Posse"
"Mario Diaz/Mr Lee"
"Hardhouse/Todd Terry"
"Final Cut"
"Bergenline Locos"
"K. Tronics Ensemble"
"Eric B & Rakim"
"Scrappy feat Jennifer Lee"
"Massive Sounds"
"Beats Breaks & Scratches"
"The Holy Ghost Inc"
"Renegade Soundwave"
"Fast Eddie"
"Touch of Love"
"Lil Louis"
"2 in a Room"
"Raven Maize"
"Turntable Orchestra"
"Anthony Thomas/Joe Smooth"
"Mental Generation"
"T.B.C. feat. Jessica Tuttle & M.C.D."
"Motive 8"
"Love Inc."
"Techno grooves"
"The Prodigy"
"Alison Limerick"
"Soul II Soul"
"The Alcan Warriors"
"Red Light"
"Urban Rhytm Project"
"Octave One feat. Lisa Newberry"
"Speedy J"
"D‚j… Vu"
"L Factor"
"Jerzey Boy"
"Mato Grosso"
"Man Machine"
"M.C. Showbizz and The Lap 1 Crew"
"Man with no name"
"Rotterdam Termination Source"
"Clubland feat. Quartz"
"Fatal Morgana"
"Earth People"
"The beginning"
"Major Problems (the effects can last forever_"
"Doug Lazy"
"Meat Beat Manifesto"
"Data Bass"
"C&C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams"
"Mental Cube"
"Space 3001"
"808 State"
"Xtra Bass"
"Masters of the Universe"
"The B-Sides"
"Spacetrax, vol. 2"
"Turntable Hype"
"Reel by Real"
"Dish & Tell"
"Beat in Time"
"Break the Limits"
"Sueno Latino feat. Carolina Damas"
"Morenas (Sueno Latino production team)"
"Revelation, chapter 2"
"House Classics"
"Bad Behaviour"
"The Looney Tunes"
"Pink Noise"
"F.P.I. Project"
"Radical Rob"
"Guru Josh"
"Total Confusion"
"Kicking Back with Taxman"
"33 1/2 Queen"
"4 for Money"
"Code 6"
"Crazy Earth"
"Gil Scott Heron"
"Project 86"
"Out of the Ordinary"
"Earth Nation"
"Bango(Stacey Pullen)"
"Black Odyssey"
"Kenny Dope"
"Mouse on Mars"
"Dream Warriors"
"Boards of Canada"
"Jeremy Healy & Allister Whitehead"
"Eat Static"
"Basement Jaxx"
"Armand van Helden"
"Var. artists"
"Blake Baxter, the prince of techno"
"Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto"
"Various compiled by Red Snapper"
"X-Mix / Ken Ishi"
"Jungle Brothers"
"The It"
"Amorphous Androgynous (FSOL)"
"Thievery Corp"
"Talvin Singh"
"Capitol K"
"Der dritte raum"
"Elektrochemie LK"
"CJ Bolland"
"Resistance D"
"Paul van Dyk"
"React 2 Rhythm"
"DJ Gogo"
"Johannes Heil"
"Two Without hats"
"Heir to the Throne"
"Todd Terry"
"Cry Sisco"
"Carpenter's Bench"
"Fuse (Richie Hawtin)"
"Josh One"
"Sven Vath"
"JM Silk"
"The Infinity Project"
"Faces (gaetano Parisio)"
"Robert Armani"
"Human Resource"
"Cubic 22"
"DJ Dick"
"Energy 52 - Caf‚ Del Mar/Da Hool - Meet her../etc"
"Stacey Pullen"
"Art of Trance"
"Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson"
"Cold Dust"
"A+E Dept"
"The Advent"
"Sonic Solution"
"Charming Boys"
"Beat at Cinecitta"
"Bran Van 3000"
"Fat Boy Slim"
"The Herbalizer"
"The Wiseguys"
"Albin Janoska"
"Classic Score"
"Funk D'Void"
"Kruder & Dorfmeister"
"John Beltran vs Fantasista"
"Lexi Love"
"Drumattic Twins"
"Voody Warriors of Love"
"Reel 2 Real"
"The Click"
"Jack and Jill"
"Drill Impulse"
"Audio Clash"
"The Untouchables"
"Power Movement"
"The Underground Solution"
"Joint Venture"
"Photon Inc."
"The Motion Movement"
"Ira Levi"
"King of Swing"
"Jump-n-Jazz Caf‚"
"God of the machine"
"Urban Groove"
"Kristine W"
"Pizzicato Five"
"Psyche (Carl Craig)"
"Suburban Knight"
"Marco Bailey"
"Metos 120 (Dan Curtin)"
"Laurent Garnier"
"Deep Forest"
"Circuit Braker (Richie Hawtin)"
"Directional force"
"Dream Plant"
"Jeff Mills"
"Tronik House"
"Acid Jesus"
"Wild Planet"
"Space Cube"
"Dr. Motte & Westbam present Love Parade 1998"
"DJ Frankie Bones"
"Dave Clarke"
"System 7"
"Noise Engineer"
"DOP, musicians of the mind"
"Andreas Kremer"
"3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte"
"In Sync"
"Gucci / The Customers?."
"Two Shiny Heads"
"The Drum Club"
"Eagles Prey"
"Movin Melodies"
"Evil Diva"
"Sub Sub"
"TV Junkies"
"The Grid"
"X-Press 2"
"Godfather of technosoul"
"Coco Steel & Lovebomb"
"Ralphie Dee"
"Masters at Work"
"The Sabres of Paradise"
"Fila Brazilia"
"Dj Dero"
"Lance Ellington"
"The Bionaut"
"Ralphie Dee & Dino Blade"
"Serious Grooves (Chez Damier)"
"New Order"
"Nitebeat (Oscar G)"
"Libra presents Taylor"
"Underground Resistance"
"Lion Rock"
"A man called Adam"
"Cyberfunk 2"
"Cut 'n Move"
"Lost Tracks"
"Injection (Anthony Acid)"
"Musto & Bones"
"A guy called Gerald"
"Baby Ford"
"Club House"
"The Fog"
"Katherine E"
"The KCL project"
"Rapination & Kym Mazelle"
"Boom Generation"
"Nightmares on Wax"
"Front 242"
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