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trentemoller - essential mix - october 15, 2006

v1| by a3 on 2007-12-01 22:28:39    (3058) rating
BBC's essential mix hosted by Pete Tong

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Trentemoller - Small Piano Piece // White Label
Khan - Fantomes // Matador
Trentemoller - The Very Last Resort // Poker Flat
Trentemoller - Miss You // Poker Flat
Lhasa De Sela - De Carla A Pered // Les Disques Audiogrammes
Murcof - Una // Leaf
Trentemoller - Snowflake // Poker Flat
Unknown Artist - Unknown Dub // White Label
Trentemoller - Evil Dub // Poker Flat
The Specials - Ghost Town // EMI old
Chris Isak - Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake) // White Label
Trentemoller - Nightwalker // Poker Flat
Trentemoller Feat. Ane Trolle - Moan (Trentemoller Remix) // Poker Flat
The Doors - Break On Through (Disse Bootleg) // White Label
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Justice Remix) // Domino
Le Tigre - Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix) // Chicks On Speed Records
James White And The Blacks - Contort Yourself // ZE Records
Revl9n - Someone Like You // Because Music
Thomas Schumacher - High On You // Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten
Moby - Go! (Trentemoller Remix) // Mute
The Knife - Silent Shout (Trente Short Edit) // Mute
Jokke - Feelin’ Good (Trentemoller Remix) // White Label
Isolee - Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Fve Remix/Trente Edit/Original Version) // Classic
Trentemoller - Always Something Better Feat. Richard Davis (Trentemoller Remix) // Poker Flat
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentemoller Remix) // Mute

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