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I wait your answer

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Soms kan spam ook leuk zijn :

Hello unfamiliar man.
This letter occupies from you 5 minutes of time but your life will probably change.
If you the lonely man which to search the love and is ready for creation a family, I will be glad to speak with you. My name Shushkina Ekaterina from Russia city Cheboksary.
To me of 27 years and I not to have the lovely man . I very beautiful and brought up woman.
Through 1 week I receive my visa to Holland and we can probably meet you in your country.
If you not to play game and to want creation serious the relation, I wait your answer!!!
I will send you my photos and to tell about myself in the next letter, if you the answer to me.
Send me your photos, I to wish to see your eyes.
Tell to me about yourself.
You live In what city? How you work? You to want a meeting the woman from Russia?

Write to me on my e-Mail: forget@it

I will wait your answer!
Ekaterina from Russia.
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